All about the Cheese

Hello again out there in blog land, it’s me, Kit Kat and I’m sorry I haven’t been around much but when Mom works, I have trouble typing with my claws and need her help. She got all of her things done (including a nap) and now she’s ready to tell the next tail with me.
So this little dog here is “the other one”. Her name is Chi (officially Cheez-Its) and they call her Cheese too. She is a bundle of energy and it’s taken me over a month now but last night I came out where her, Apple and Mom were sitting on the floor. I know I’m still a little freaked out because she moves too fast for my tastes but Mom came up with a unique idea and I’m almost ashamed to say that I caved in and walked out in the most dignified way and joined them.

Why? do you ask? Well it seems Mom has found my soft spot of cravings…yes, I admit it, I’m a fiend for cheese. “Because I’m all about the cheese, bout the cheese, bout the cheese, no crackers….” Mom sang that to me when she saw that I liked the cheese but being grain free…no crackers….I guess that’s okay and it’s a catchy tune.
OMG, that is the BEST STUFF EVER!!!!! She gave a little piece to the two beasties and then a little piece for me. I thought I died and went to kitty heaven it was soooo good.
I finished my piece and climbed up on her lap looking for more but she was being stingy with it…said something about my poops being runny if I ate too much.
My poops are just fine thank you so pass the cheese please.
I come out every morning now when the folks wake up and I meow at them hoping for more cheese but they just pour me some wet food in the dish and that’s good too I suppose but I’d prefer more cheese.
So after I ate the cheese I didn’t run away. I moved around the living room as the dogs laid there not moving or bothering me and I must say it was kind of fun. They sit out there every evening on the couch watching some loud gangster show called The Sopranos….do you realize how much potty mouth goes on in that show? Geesh….bad, bad, bad. You’d never catch me saying those words but I have sworn at that dog a few times under my tuna breath (only after eating the tuna food of course) and then I swipe at the beastie just to show her who’s boss. I still like the Apple dog the best and I like to creep around the house and rub my scent wherever she lays. On her carpet behind the couch where she naps, on the end of the bed where she sleeps and on her dog bed next to the bed where she sleeps when her legs hurt and she can’t jump that high to get on the people bed. She’s nice to me. She’s my pal, Happy Apple.
Mom told me Cheez-It got her name because their other dog Zip passed away and her little niece asked if Baby Cheezit took him to heaven. I think she meant to say Baby Jesus, but yeah, it’s cute I guess. So it’s gonna take a little while for me to warm up to her, I work on it of course but she is a herding dog type A pain in the butt personality Mom said and she likes to herd me back to my room.

I hang out in my room a lot and sit on the window sill and bat at the lizards that are outside the glass. I think they try to torture me ’cause they know I can’t really get them when they’re on the outside and I was so excited when there was a little baby one on the cathedral ceiling last night in the living room and he was too high for Mom and Dad to get him and I know when it finds its way down to the ground I’m gonna get him and maybe I’ll eat him or give him to the folks so that they can be proud of my fierce hunting skills….

I wonder if he tastes like cheese?

The two beasties side by each-some day we may be the Three Muskateers….



My friend…I think….

So, I’ll get back to the name thing later if that’s cool with you ’cause I want to tell you about my new friend I made.
This is her. She’s a big goofy dog who goes by the name of Apple. Human Mom loves odd names for her creatures and this one came from Manhattan so hence Apple. She calls her Happy Appy too and I really am getting to like her. She moves slower I think because she’s the older of the two beasties and even though she towers over me, she never looks at me like a kitty bonbon. I like that. I’ve smacked her a few times too but she doesn’t seem to treat me any differently because of it. Just gives me that look like “really? again? enough already short stack.”
I’ve gotten a little braver in my time here and in the afternoon the humans and the beasties head out on the lanai so the four leggers can have their bones (which are messy and greasy and can only be eaten out there) and the two leggers have their afternoon refreshment.
I love this time the best because I can run through the house and investigate all the nooks and crannies without anyone spying on my doings. I’ve found some dust bunnies but that’s about it. Human Dad came in yesterday and found me on their big bed. I jumped off right away but now he knows I have mastered the art of jumping higher than he thought. I do have short legs after all but my secret is out now, I have the power to soar high. I know the beasties sleep here because I could smell them, so I rubbed myself all over their smell so they know that they are not the owners of everything. I don’t know if they noticed or not cause the other beastie threw up on it this morning so human Mom had to wash all the sheets and blankets.
I’ve found my human Mom has quite the sense of humor though.
My, um, how should I say this politely, okay, my poop don’t smell too good. Mom is feeding me grain free pricy stuff that has a lot of protein and I love the fish flavors best but Whoa, not good later. I’ve tried to bury it and everything but sometimes it’s still noticeable. So earlier Mom was chuckling when she put a pizza in the oven and there was something that had dripped on the bottom at some point and in a few minutes the house smelled like it was on fire. Boom, problem solved, you don’t smell my stuff if all you can smell is burning juices. Ha….I like how she thinks. She didn’t do it on purpose but that’s how the universe works. So this is one of my friends and when I pop in next I’ll introduce you to the “other” one.
Things going great so far, eating really good and spoiled beyond words. I love my humans and they love me too ❤

Moments of peace

Hey there, it’s me, your polka-dotted cat with heart here to regal you with another installment of how my life is going and wisdom (from my point of view of course).
So I moved in to the room of amazing wonders here, not that the outside world is bad but I lived on the streets and really, down here in South Florida it can be wonderful but it can be a cruel world out there too.
So my new Mom and Dad left me to my devices to roam my new Taj Mahal, Mom calls it the “blue room” and it’s called that because it’s blue, not a sad room or anything like that in case you were concerned. So I found my food, my litter box (I could throw a party in there, it’s so huge) and my toys. I love Sponge Bob and Mom took note that I prefer stuffed things and bought me a few more. I like to hug ’em and chew on ’em and just love them to death basically. She thinks it’s because I lost two of my kittens (this was when I went to the shelter and was then in foster care) and the third one, a boy, is sickly but in a foster home right now. Losing your babies can be a tough thing but I was pretty sick myself but I’m doing much better because the shelter tended to my needs and I think I’m a pretty well-adjusted creature, and quite beautiful if I do say so myself.
So a few days passed and I could hear loud strange sounds like snorting beyond the room and then I see these big black wet things sniffing about from the space under the door. I walked up and sniffed ’em right back and they went away. Later Mom brought one in and I just about died. It was Big, really big. Now keep in mind, I weigh about 6 pounds and this hulking creature of a dog who is brown and white and fuzzy weighs at least 50. Talk about scary. And big huge white teeth. I think it wanted to snack on me but of course Mom only let it try to sniff me and let me tell you, I walked right up to that beastie and smacked it right across the nose. You should have seen it jump. Yeah, I’m a bad-ass that way. Normally meek and mild, until it gets dark of course and then I’m a bit of a freak, but I’ll be darned it I let a beast come into my room and try to sniff about. Later the other beastie came in and that one’s even bigger, had to be about 78 pounds and again, big white choppers. This one seemed pretty mellow though, wasn’t too impressed with me but I got in a good swipe just to let it know that I don’t tolerate no tom-foolery outta no mutts. So pretty much the first week I kind of hung about getting used to the digs, the latest toys (a monkey named Georgie and a spotted pup that kind of looks like me, almost as big as me too). I think Mom was trying to confuse Dad because when he wakes up its still dark out and he comes in to visit me and he saw it on the couch and thought it was me. I chuckled but gave him some love anyway, I like him alot, and Mom too of course. So I would say that things are going good so far. I keep getting stolen away twice a week for my foot baths at the shelter but I’m sure that will be over soon. So this week for my words of wisdom I think I’ll just leave it at this: “Never let a dog think for one second that it’s in control, because we all know that really, the cat is”.

So till we talk next, Kit Kat kitty here signing out. (next installment….why my name isn’t ZuZu but is really KitKat)


Homeward bound

Like emptiness in harmony I need someone to comfort me.
Homeward bound,
I wish I was,
Homeward bound

Thursday, it’s here, it’s here. I woke up excited for what was to come. I ate and used the box (I know, TMI but I did) and then I waited, and I waited some more. My day was interspersed with napping, waiting, my medicinal pedicure and more waiting. The day began to get darker and I felt so sad. She said Thursday, right? Perhaps she had forgotten, or something happened to keep her away. The clock on the wall kept ticking away and the shelter was going to close in an hour and a half. Rain was outside falling in buckets and then it stopped and I kept hearing the door open and I’d wake up and rush to the opening of the cage but only found a strange face or a volunteer making the rounds. How could this happen? A few of the other cats sat watching the television, a big cube of cheese that had mice crawling in and out through the holes and then chirpy birds. Stupid cats would sit there, wagging their tales and making noises….as if they could catch these things. Hey guys, I wanted to yell, it’s just a tv show, it isn’t real. Give it up already. I know I was sad. I turned around to face the wall and curled up in a ball to hide my face from the others. I had been telling them all for two days that I was going to a real home. Now I only felt ashamed and sorry I had said anything at all.
The outer door opened and I heard several voices. There was the shelter lady and there She was, it was her, my mom to be with a box and a man too. He was looking around at the other cats and the woman showed him the poopy cat she had wanted but didn’t get. The shelter lady went into the box above my head and started to read the paper on the outside of the cage. “where is she?” she said and my new Mom said “she’s down below, she just likes to lay up there sometimes but that’s her right there”
and the shelter lady knelt down and started to pet me. Mom opened the crate and the other lady began to grab me by the back of the neck. Gosh how I hated that, so unnecessary and Mom told her the same thing, about how nice and pliable I was, that I didn’t bite or nip or scratch but the lady pulled me out that way and put me in the big plastic box. Mom said hello and blew me a kiss through the metal bars and latched it so that I didn’t fall out when we left. I wasn’t going anywhere without my people, I was going home at last.
I rode in the back seat and it wasn’t but a few minutes and we were home. Oh how I was so excited but so nervous. I could feel the happiness exude from Mom and Dad up front and when we got to the house, they carried me through carefully still in the box.
All of a sudden these two big heads popped up in front of the bars and I could feel the breath (not bad mind you, but definitely canine) and see the wet black noses trying to get me. I was scared. Who were they and were they going to eat me for a snack?
Mom and Dad took me to a pretty blue room and shut the door, locking the big ferocious beasties out. Mom opened the door to the box and I stepped out timidly. I looked around the room and couldn’t believe my eyes. There was a nice loveseat with a big soft blanket made up like a bed, a big tray with a stainless steel water bowl and a pretty ceramic one with little paw prints all over it, filled with food. The shades were open and I had two really big windows I could look out and a big tower covered in carpet with a cardboard scratching post (which I used immediately and I must say I gave it the two paws up approval) and a crow’s nest and another box up top where I could window watch or nap. All for me, all of this for me.
Dad petted me and spoke to me and I decided right away that he was a good person, he smiled and I could tell that we were gonna get along splendidly. Mom fussed over me (I did tell you that she’s a fusser, right?) and after they saw that I was checking everything out nicely, including the big covered litter box behind the couch which I had to use of course….(can’t let that nice fresh litter go to waste, and I wanted to show them that I was a nice clean cat and knew where to do my business).
Life was good indeed and I stretched out my body and jumped up on the couch to check it out. There was a bright yellow stuffed toy there and I curled up around it and gave it a good hug. You will be my favorite toy I told it and Mom called it Bob. Dad made a funny laughing noise out loud and said Sponge Bob, bwaaahahahahahaaaaa… made me happy and I knew that I just liked him even more at that moment. My people turned around and slipped out of the door, talking to the two guard beasties outside of the room. I yawned and curled up, tired after a long day of waiting yet feeling so blessed at this abundance I have. I am a pampered cat and the streets were my past. Life was going to be good indeed…..
to be continued.

Someday my princess will come

I woke from my nap and slowly opened my eyes and was mildly startled by another big cat up on the shelf in my box. Once I could focus I realized it was just the resident cat who seemed to have taken a fancy to me. I don’t know what his name was but he was kind of a push-over if you ask me. Not fussy, just sits around like a voyeur watching the comings and goings of the cat room. There were a few fights here and there but nothing major and I had even managed to get in most of my afternoon nap. I turned to look towards the front of the room and there she was again. Now this is the third time in a two days for this one, so either she was learning to be a volunteer or she was infatuated with me. I like to think the later and was pleasantly surprised when she walked up to my cubicle and started petting me. She told me how pretty I was and that I was going to come home with her. I was going to have friends there too, two dogs apparently and a man. I didn’t see a crate or box so perhaps she was going to carry me out in her arms. I was so excited and I stretched out and gave her my paw and rolled over on my back so she could pet my belly. She made little cooing noises at me and lifted me up and smothered me with kisses. Now I like kisses as much as the next cat does (I assume this of course) but this was getting a little embarrassing. The others were looking at me (out of jealousy?) but I don’t know what that is so I’ll just say that they didn’t look too happy that she only had eyes for me. She sat me back down and told me that in two days she’d come back to get me. I had some more medical baths I needed to get for a skin issue I seem to have and I knew those two days would probably be the longest of my life. She waved as she left and I lay back down to have the sweetest kitty dreams ever. Two days and I’d have a new home, and I couldn’t wait. I closed my eyes and pictured my new home. Maybe it would be a small apartment or maybe we would live out in the woods in a tree house where I could climb and chase birds and squirrels. So many possibilities went swirling through my mind and when the volunteers came in to feed me, I ate what was there and hoped for better fare in the next chapter of my life. I yawned once and settled back in for another nap. It was getting dark out and the thunder began booming outside and then the rain came down in buckets. I was happy to be inside instead of out on the streets. Gotta be grateful, you know?

All about heart

Hey there again,
Thanks so much for coming back to hear more of my little story. Now where did I leave off? Hmmmm…oh yes, the lady who came in to get a new cat friend and how she spent a short (too short if I must say so) time with me. Well, I had laid down for a short nap, I did tell you how I like to nap, didn’t I? So there I was all curled up in a ball and there’s a commotion in the front part of the room I stay in. I didn’t give it much thought mind you because unless it smells like canned food or comes with a soft touch, just not that interested, you know? So the door opens and I smell that smell of all the people who come in here to visit, that hand sanitizer smell. I heard it was supposed to keep us safe and it’s not so bad, but I’d prefer a nice smell of tuna or something. I glance up through my tired and eyes and there she is, that nice lady who was in earlier. She pulls this strange square out of her purse and starts petting me, moving me here and there, picking me up and turning me this way and that. I know now she was taking pictures of me for some reason, so I tried to give her my nicest side, the back-end of course because that’s where all of my polka dots are. She knelt down and took one from below and I try not to show it off, for I’m not a vain cat at all (really, I know what you’re thinking of but I’m not one of “Those” cats) and it’s then that she saw my prized jewel, a perfect fuzzy grey heart on my beautiful white chest. She smiled so big then and I don’t know what she was thinking of but she picked me up and hugged me close and kissed me on my head. (I think she had tears in her eyes too but I would never tell.) It felt so nice to feel the love just ooze out of her hands and into my warm fur. I knew it, this was the one for me and I began to purr softly and looked up at her through my little eyes and she gazed back at me and smiled.
She put me back down in my box and turned around and left. Boom, gone, just like that and I’m thinking, hey lady, aren’t you supposed to take me with you? Isn’t that how it works? I’ve seen other people swoop in like birds of prey and snatch my friends here away, never to be seen again and you turn and leave me?
Sigh, I turned about in a circle and lay back down in my bed. Here I give it my best and she turns and walks away. I wonder what I did wrong?

The shelter chronicles (Part 1)

Hey you! Yes you. I knew you were searching for me, whether through a tag or a CATegory and now that you’ve found me, I’ll tell you a little bit about myself. I’m a magical cat. Now I know what you’re thinking, I can see that look on your face from here and even though my eyes aren’t big like a normal cats are, I can see just fine thank you very much.
I’m a very special cat, really, I am. So why do I say that you ask? Because my new Mom told me so. Now I know what you’re thinking, yeah, another stuck up narcissistic cat talking to me like I’m an idiot and you know what? You’d be wrong.’Cause I know you are not an idiot because you are here reading this awesome post. So back to me and why I’m so magical and special.

I’ve got a whole lot of tales to tell you but we will start at the beginning I think, because it’s as good a place as any. So Mom and Dad (I didn’t know them then, they were just two people out there in the world who hadn’t met my acquaintance yet) had gone on vacation and they took their two dogs with them but left the feral cat home with a cat sitter. Well, I heard them talking about this so I know that it’s true, while they were gone that other grey cat(I hear she could be a terrorist at times….but I don’t know what a terrorist is so I’ll just repeat what I heard) just got up and went and no one knows where. Now if you know anything about my Mom, she’s an absolute basket case when it comes to her “children” and she was just so devastated and distraught over that cat not being home when they returned. A deal was struck that if that cat didn’t come home in a month, then that job would have to be opened up to a new cat. They went all over, up to the city to fill out reports, the humane society and then the shelters looking for that grey cat. Now where they live there are tons of black cats, torties (that’s short for tortoise), and calico but not very many grey fluffy ones.
After a month went by, Mom was still sad so she’d go down to the shelter just to pet the cats there and absorb some love from their warm furry bodies. There was a beautiful girl kitty there named Leila ( Mom loves that song and had a dream that she got a cat and they named it Leila) so here she finds this dream cat all long hair and stunning, a super model cat if there ever was one. Mom was so excited and told Dad, then went back again to find out more about it. Well wouldn’t you know it, Leila turned out to be a poopy cat. She had diarrhea and wouldn’t go inside the box, as if she were too good to bury her own stuff, you know? But the ladies there said she was going to become a permanent resident and that was good of course, but it still left Mom without her dream cat. Wait now, here’s where that magic part starts….
Mom walked through the shelter looking for a possible cat. She was being stalked by Sabrina 2 which was a very tall cat but she had a tendency of scratching at Mom and took a swipe at her too. Now Mom is a hearty soul and has always had cats but she was worried about the two dogs at home and how’d they’d take to an uppity scratchy cat like that. She was talking to a gentleman volunteer and he was petting me as I lay curled up in my fuzzy warm pretty pink bed. He told her about me, what a cute little thing I was but Mom saw mostly white and thought no, I wasn’t quite special enough, not what she had in mind. I watched her gazing at all the cats and the man walked away leaving me there and I saw her go from cage to cage looking all sad.
In this shelter the cats are mostly wandering around, because it’s a big open room and some days it could be a fun free for all with furry bodies zipping all over the place but right now it was kind of quiet.
I stretched out my body in my hot pink bed and made a small noise. Keep in mind now, I’m not a very big cat so my voice isn’t very loud but I think she heard me because she turned around and came over to have a look-see. She reached her hand in and touched my fur and I lay down and rolled over on my back showing her my belly. She tickled it gently and because I kind of like that, I began to purr. She looked up at the other cat who happened to be sitting on the top shelf in the same box as me but I reached out and touched her hand gently with my paw to get the attention going back to me. I stood back up and turned around so she could get a better look.
Now I know I wasn’t what she was looking for but I knew I could charm her in just the right way. It was a full moon that night and Mom got a good look at my back and then she saw it, four perfect round grey circles running down from my head to my cute little tail. Now Mom is all about Luna and full moons and she smiled when she saw what I possessed on my sweet little body. She turned me around and gazed into my eyes which of course were kind of in nap mode so they were half-shut in a sultry “come on over and see me big boy” kind of way, and I looked up at her, giving her that “but I’m just a sweet quiet innocent kitty cat” look and she picked me up gently and began kissing me on the head.
Oh boy did I like that, she didn’t even know me and here she was in the middle of a shelter with all these other cats to pick from and she’s grooming me and loving on me. Man I was over the moon excited. Now wait a second I thought, she may not even want a cat after not getting the one she wanted, why would she want this little munchkin white and grey thing in a box? Now I don’t consider myself insecure or anything but I didn’t want to get my hopes up. She sat me back down and walked away but I did see her look back once and smile.
The lady stood out front talking to the volunteers in the front office for at least an hour but then she turned around and left. Now I’ve seen people come and go and I know not to get my hopes up, but that hurt just a bit. Here she had hugged me and kissed me and I must say I was perfect. I didn’t scratch or bite or act in any way other than “take me home please, oh please” mode. It was closing time at the shelter and the skies grew dark and the rain started to fall and I just curled up in a ball to try to take a nap and forget that woman who touched something within me.

To be continued…….